5 Must-Have Items To Start The Year Off Right

2020 saw the rise of more time at home leaving ample time to meticulously evaluate ourselves and our living spaces. Like many, the once beloved things that make up our spaces have lost a bit of their sparkle. Pure Enrichment® has what you need to pour new life into your surroundings as we collectively look towards brighter days ahead in this new year.

Pure Enrichment Aroma Diffusers

Must-Have #1: Give your Space the Gift of Scent with the PureSpa™ Line
Balance between the mind and body has become a greater priority as we gear up for year two in a pandemic. Exhaustion that comes from working from home on top of the uncertainty of the future can be a lot to handle, even on a good day. Enter aromatherapy - a practical solution to giving your olfactory senses a mini vacation. Natural, safe, and full of variety, essential oil diffusers make short work of dispersing your favorite scent into the air to boost your mood and bring a sense of calm amongst the chaos. Our PureSpa™ line of diffusers offers a wide range of sizes and types, to easily transform your living room, bedroom, or your home office into a peaceful oasis.

Pure Enrichment Heat Therapy

Must-Have #2: Make Every Room A Relaxation Station with the WeightedWarmth™ Line
Dealing with the daily stress and anxiety associated with life used to be easily relieved with a fun outing with friends, or the ultimate trip to the spa. Luckily creating a soothing home spa is made simple and chic with a weighted heating pad. Indulge in the comfort that comes from evenly dispersed glass beads and soft micromink fabric, the foundation of our WeightedWarmth™ line. Transform your office, or that small nook in your home into a place of warm zen with large weighted heating pads, or our newest wearable option, the WeightedWarmth™ Neck and Shoulder Pad.

Must-Have #3: Personal Care is Self Care with the TRYM™ Line
Men and women alike have been giving themselves, their significant others, and their children some interesting haircuts this past year. With a year of self-taught skills and practice, it’s time to own tools deserving of your “new job.” Whether you would like to maintain your handlebar mustache or you’ve finally bonded with your undercut, continue to rock the style that makes you feel good with the TRYM™ line. Sleek, cordless, and full of useful attachments, the TRYM™ Pro Hair Trimming Kit is the ultimate personal care tool for home use and the next vacation we’re all taking when this pandemic is over.

Must-Have #4: Plant Friends Need Love Too with the HUME™ Line
Between Covid-19 and winter, new plant mom’s and dad’s have dominated the home and garden sections of their local home improvement stores in an attempt to bring the outside, inside. Whether you are a seasoned plant lover, or you just bought your first green friend for 2021, be sure to hydrate them and yourself this winter with a humidifier from our HUME™ line. Keep harmful dry air out of your indoor garden and watch as your ferns, spider plants, and your skin rejuvenate overnight. Choose the humidifier that works best for your space from one of our many options, and don’t be surprised if a regularly balanced climate improves your sleep and clears your sinuses too!

Must-Have #5: Breathe Deeply, Breathe Cleanly with the PureZone™ Line
Our last must-have item is the pièce de résistance for thriving in 2021 and regaining some much-needed control over your day to day life. Air purifiers are the best way to provide sanitized air for yourself and your home. From cleansing your personal space to the largest room in your house, our PureZone™ line all have genuine true HEPA air filters with 2-4 stage filtration and sanitization features. Eliminate and destroy 99.97% of air particles as small as 0.3 microns and add a deeper level of clean to fight illness-causing microorganisms with the additional UV-C light option in our larger models. For those still traveling outside of your home for work, try the PureZone™ Mini Portable Air Purifier to add a secondary layer of protection when commuting, and the PureZone™ Elite for clean and sanitized air when you return home. 

We’re all striving to find better ways to keep our families, our friends, and ourselves healthy and happy. While spending more time at home in 2021, it’s important to surround ourselves with things that enrich our lives. With Pure Enrichment®, starting the year off right is easy, elevated, and pure.