DryStone® Reusable Moisture-Absorbing Stone (6-Pack)

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Keep small spaces dry in style with DryStone by Pure Enrichment. This reusable moisture-absorbing stone is easy to use and made of non-toxic materials. Simply microwave the stones to reactive the dehumidifying properties and continue keeping harmful moisture away from your most precious belongings. DryStone is a single palm-sized product that takes the stress out of traditional silica packets that risk small particles getting everywhere. Ideal for a variety of small spaces, these chic and elegant marble-looking stones naturally help eliminate the sweat and odors commonly associated with gym bags, shoe boxes, and more. 

  • ECO-FRIENDLY ODOR ELIMINATOR: Help keep harmful odor-causing moisture away like sweat from heavily used items like gym bags or shoes
  • VERSATILE USE: Help keep moisture at bay in a variety of spaces like camera bags, storage bins, drawers, jewelry boxes, safes, toolboxes, overnight bags, laptop bags, handbags, and more
  • PROTECT VALUABLES: Protect expensive belongings like jewelry, silverware, and tools from tarnishing due to excess moisture
  • GREAT FOR STORAGE: Help stave off unwanted moisture from damaging infrequently used in places like safes, toolboxes, storage bins, and more

The DryStone Reusable Moisture-Absorbing Stone is created using Pure Enrichment’s high-quality standards, so your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

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Product Features

Product Features

Unique Moisture-Absorbing Design

This reusable dehumidifying product revolutionizes traditional desiccants with its efficient moisture absorption.

Stylish and Elegant

DryStone® boasts a unique shape and marble design making them not only useful but aesthetically pleasing as well.

Microwavable Desiccant

Each DryStone® is easily reactivated by using the microwave.


This unique dehumidifying stone is good for up to 100 uses.

Product Specifications


2.4” x 2.4” x 1.8”


Nanoporous silica sand, pulp, bentonite, zeolite


2.1 oz

Dehumidification Capacity

20ml per use


75 L

What’s in the Box

6 Drystones

Model No. / UPC

PELUXSTN-6 / 817387023610