PurePulse™ Trio Reusable Electrode Gel Patches - 2 Pack (8 Patches)

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Keep your PurePulse Trio TENS & EMS Muscle Stimulator + Heat operating at maximum efficiency with the Reusable Electrode Gel Patches from Pure Enrichment®. The replacement gel patches ensure the electrode pads will completely adhere to your skin to deliver the best treatment during your TENS, EMS, and Heat therapy from the PurePulse™ Trio (sold separately). The gel patches are available in 2-pack (8 pieces) and 5-pack (20 pieces) sets.

  • COMPATIBLE WITH PUREPULSE TRIO: Works with Pure Enrichment's PurePulse Trio TENS & EMS Muscle Stimulator (sold separately).
  • SAFE & GENTLE APPLICATION: The gel patches completely adhere to the skin, ensuring maximum therapy efficiency.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Use a lint-free cloth to wipe clean, or run them under lukewarm running water and pat dry.
  • SIMPLE TO REPLACE: Updated bandaid cut design makes it easier to remove and apply the replacement patches to the electrode pads without peeling, curling, or unwanted stickiness
  • REUSABLE UP TO 20 TIMES: Durable patches last up to 20 uses with proper storage and care.

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