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Experience powerful dry air relief in large and medium-sized rooms with the sleek and modern HUME Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier from Pure Enrichment®. The large 3.5L tank eases congestion, allergies, & dry skin for up to 50 hours*. Moisturize rooms up to 475 sq. ft., including your living room, nursery, bedroom, office, basement, and more. The whisper quiet design and auto shut off features make it ideal for overnight operation. Plus, it has an adjustable mist nozzle to switch mist flow and a variable mist control design you can modify with a turn of the dial. Pop off the top nozzle and flip it around to change mist direction. The humidifier has a twist-off water tank cap and a large opening for easy cleaning so you can hand wash the inside and extend the life of your humidifier. With a 5 year warranty, 3.5L water tank, and long power cord, this powerful humidifier lets you enjoy year-round comfort. *Run time may vary depending on water quality, room temperature, and the amount of water in the tank.

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  • COLD & ALLERGY RELIEF: This easy-to-use, ultrasonic cool mist humidifier provides 12-50 hours* of continuous mist for all-day comfort and long-lasting relief from cold symptoms, congestion, allergies, dry itchy skin, sinus issues, and more. The slim, compact design fits right in with any decor and complements your home style.

  • EASY-CLEAN WATER TANK: The large, 3.5L water tank opening makes it easy to hand wash the inside of the tank to remove buildup and keep the humidifier operating at maximum efficiency—no special brushes or tools needed.

  • PERFECT FOR LARGE ROOMS: Safely moisturize the air in spaces up to 475 sq. ft. This ultrasonic humidifier holds up to 3.5L of water; making it great for adding moisture to living rooms, basements, bedrooms, nurseries, or any large space that needs powerful humidity. Rotating the mist control knob gives you the flexibility to adjust moisture output incrementally to meet your comfort level.
  • WHISPER QUIET: Designed for a restful night, the silent operation barely makes any sound and features no bright lights so you sleep undisturbed. For added safety, the automatic shut-off function instantly turns off the humidifier when the water level is low or the tank.

  • 5-YEAR WARRANTY: This BPA-free humidifier comes with an ETL-approved AC adapter, user manual, and Pure Enrichment’s guaranteed 5-Year Warranty. Our customer support team provides daily quality service and peace of mind to millions worldwide all from a brand you can trust.

...very impressed with this humidifier...

I have been very impressed with this humidifier thus far. I bought it, because I already own 2 dehumidifiers from made by Pure Enrichment and have been very happy with them. One of the main problems I have experience with buying products online, is sometimes the products don't live up to their pictures/descriptions. Several times, I have ordered something which looks great in terms of description and pictures, but when it arrives the feel is completely different. That is not the case with Pure Enrichment. I have had the opposite experience with everything I have bought from them. Their products don't feel like typical cheap flimsy junk; they feel solid and well built.

- Igor A.

great humidifier...

Great humidifier with a large capacity 3.5 L tank. Instant mist as soon as you turn it on provides continual misting overnight and through the day. I bought this to replace a vaporizer which only lasted 2 years. This one has a 5 year warranty at no extra charge.

- Jim Z

...very quiet – silent, in fact.

First and foremost, the Hume Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is very quiet – silent, in fact. This is a beautifully designed, well-constructed, high quality humidifier. In addition, the Hume Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier adequately humidifies our 13’ x 9’ 8” home office during the dry winter months. I also appreciate the humidifier’s ease of operation along with the simple cleaning and descaling procedures. If that wasn’t enough, the Hume Ultrasonic CoolMist Humidifier also has the option for a humidifier decalcification filter to keep the water tank free of hard mineral deposits.

- Brian T.

...almost completely silent...

This is a great little humidifier. I was looking for an effective, quiet, easy to clean humidifier that has no filter. This was it. It puts out enough humidity (that I measure with a separate humidistat placed across the room) for our bedroom. The tank has lasted all night on high except one night when it was extremely dry in the house. I usually only need it on medium. There is one simple dial for controlling the humidity, which I love because it is a humidifier - I am not trying to land an airplane. It is almost completely silent (I had an evaporative humidifier that I recently threw out because it was way too loud). It is easy to fill - you take the top off, fill it, and put it back on.

- Dennis

...perfect for my large bedroom.

The humidifier is perfect for my large bedroom. I find that I only have to turn the knob about 2/3 of the way to humidify adequately. It is very quiet and the water tank has enough capacity that I only refill every 2 days (i turn the unit off during the day when I am not there).

- Ryan R.

Product Features

Product Features

Long-Lasting Relief

Ultrasonic technology provides 12 hours of continuous operation on the highest setting without refilling the water tank–allowing for overnight use.

Variable Mist Settings

Rotating mist control knob gives you the flexibility to adjust moisture output incrementally to meet your comfort level.

Certified Safe

The ETL Mark is proof of this product's compliance with North American safety standards.

Year Warranty

Backed by Pure Enrichment’s industry-leading, hassle-free 5-Year Warranty so your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Product Specifications

Dimensions & Weight

8.3 x 6.7 x 11.8 inches / 3.9 lbs


100-240V, 50/60Hz, 25W

Model No. / UPC

PEHUME / 817387020169

What's in the Box


Coverage Area

Up to 270 sq. ft.

Water Tank Capacity

3.5 Liters (0.92 Gallons)

Mist Output

Up to 300ml/hr

Max Run Time

Up to 50 hours