PurePedi™ Replacement Rollers (Extra Coarse)

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Old, worn rollers require more effort and are less effective at removing tough calluses. PurePedi Extra Coarse Replacement Rollers are the perfect all-purpose replacement rollers to keep your skin smooth and callus-free year round. The coarse minerals are tough enough to remove rough calluses yet fine enough to gently smooth and soften skin.

  • Salon-grade coarse minerals remove calluses in seconds
  • Lasts for several home treatments
  • Smooth enough for sensitive feet
  • Designed for use with PurePedi Electronic Callus Remover

With normal routine use, your rollers should last several grooming sessions. However, you should immediately replace your rollers if:

  • You see signs of damage
  • It takes more time to achieve your normal results
  • Your roller is more than one year old

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