PurePulse™ Go Reusable Electrode Gel Pads - 2 Pack (4 Total Pads)

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Keep your PurePulse™ Go Wireless TENS Therapy + Heat operating at maximum efficiency with the Reusable Electrode Gel Pads from Pure Enrichment®. The replacement gel pads ensure the electrode pads will completely adhere to your skin to deliver the best treatment during your TENS and Heat therapy session. The gel pads are available in 2-pack (4 pieces) and 5-pack (10 pieces) sets.

  • COMPATIBLE WITH PUREPULSE GO: Works with Pure Enrichment's PurePulse Go Wireless TENS Therapy + Heat device (sold separately).
  • SAFE & GENTLE APPLICATION: The gel pads completely adhere to the skin, ensuring maximum therapy efficiency.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Use a lint-free cloth to wipe clean, or run them under lukewarm running water and pat dry.
  • EASY TO REPLACE: Easily replace the gel pads by slowly peeling off the worn gel pads at the edges and installing the new ones.
  • REUSABLE UP TO 20 TIMES: Durable pads last up to 20 uses with proper storage and care.

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