PureSpa™ USB Aroma Diffuser Refill Pads (10-Pack)

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Don’t let old refill pads keep you from enjoying the full aromatherapy benefits of your PureSpa USB aroma diffuser. Start fresh with this 10-Pack of aroma diffuser refill pads. Made from thick and premium natural cellulose fiber, each refill pad is designed to give you up to 20 uses when you apply the same 100% all-natural essential oil.

  • Designed for use with Pure Enrichment’s PureSpa USB aroma diffuser.
  • Works with a few drops of your favorite 100% all-natural essential oil (not included).
  • Made with premium natural cellulose fiber that lasts up to 20 times when the same essential oil is used.
  • Includes 10 refill pads to make it easy to try a variety of essential oils.
  • Replace each pad as soon as it loses its absorbency to maximize the therapeutic benefits of PureSpa USB.

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