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Relax and unwind with the PureRelief XL Heating Pad from Pure Enrichment. This electric pad provides a natural alternative to pain relief with therapeutic heat. Easily and temporarily treat life’s common discomforts like backaches, sore muscles, joint pain, stiffness, muscle spasms, and even chronic pain associated with arthritis with this soft and durable pad. Choose from 6 fast heating temperatures providing comfort to your lap, back, chest, or shoulders. Help reduce stress, soothe restlessness, and enhance relaxation in any setting with this pad at home, school, or work.  

  • Full-Body Relief: Therapeutic 12” x 24” heating pad provides targeted heat therapy to help bring temporary relief to sore muscles and help ease muscle tension for the back, shoulders, abdomen, legs, and other large muscle groups
  • Extra-long Cord: Relax on your bed, couch, or your favorite chair with the 9-foot power cord making it easy to adjust positions and pad placement with ease
  • Automatic Shut-Off: Convenient 2 hour shut-off conserves energy and ensures your pad never overheats
  • Machine-Washable: Keep your pad looking as new as the day you purchased it by machine washing when needed

The PureRelief XL Heating Pad is backed by Pure Enrichment’s industry-leading 5-Year Warranty, so your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

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    ...the best so far in the history of heating pads.

    this is the best so far in the history of heating pads. And I know heating pads. Due to chronic back neck shoulder leg pain etc. This heating pad works on all of them and as a stay on function which works very well when placing it on shoulders (etc) then trying to sleep. It is also excellent with arthritic pain that is associated with these injuries and surgeries. The other pads I have had fold-up and easily break thin wires inside. Just type does stand up to more abuse and has nice even heating for Max relief (from a heating pad :)

    - Emalee K.

    makes all the difference!

    At 5'7", this perfectly covers my back! The heat is so quick and so strong, I usually run it on level 4 instead of level 5 strength. I'm only supposed to use heat for 20-30 minutes at a time, so I have yet to test the 2-hour automatic shutoff feature. The electric cord is plenty long enough to reach most outlets, even if they aren't within arm's reach. Been using this every other day for 2 weeks now, and I am so thankful for it. Makes all the difference!

    - J. W.

    ...nothing but praise...

    So I bought this heating pad for my wife who has some GI issues and she likes to use the heating pad to help take the edge off the pain in her abdomen. She has went through many heating pads and always has the same response, "Its just not hot enough", well she has done nothing but praise this heating pad for how large it is and how its heating properties are just incredible, first time she has been able to use a heating pad not on the max heat and have it be just right.

    - R. V. S. Jr.

    I love this heating pad.

    I love this heating pad. I have endometriosis and am just using it for the first time today. I've been using it off and on all day. The size is wonderful. It is as large as my entire back. It is very soft. It comes with a cloth case. I love the two hour timer. You can also switch to continuous use. The digital temperature adjuster is great and I love that the setting screen lights up.

    - Ragan

    I highly recommend this item!

    I have had many heating pads, but this is the best yet. With other pads I've had, the lowest setting can get too warm. This pad has enough settings that the lowest setting is truly a comfortable warm, which is what I prefer. And if I need a bit more warmth, I move it up a setting or two. I haven't used the highest settings. The pad is a nice large size. And since my cat loves it as much as I do, it is large enough for us to share! It does not have a removable cover, so I put a pillowcase over it. The pad is machine washable, but I have not needed to wash it. I highly recommend this item!

    - Lori

    Product Features

    Product Features

    InstaHeat™ Technology

    Enjoy a rapidly heating pad featuring 6 heat settings. Choose the level of warmth that works best for you with settings that range from 105℉ to 140℉.

    Easy-To-Read LCD Controller

    The clear LCD controller with backlit display makes adjusting the heat to accommodate your comfort level easy.

    Super Soft Microplush Fabric

    Gentle, machine-washable fabric feels soft and comforting on bare skin and offers maximum comfort for daily use.

    Year Warranty

    Backed by Pure Enrichment’s industry-leading, hassle-free 5-Year Warranty so your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

    Product Specifications


    12” x 24”


    1.25 lbs


    120V, 60Hz, 180W


    Microplush (Top) Polyester (Bottom)

    # of Heat Settings


    Heat Setting and Temperature

    Warm: 101℉
    Low: 112℉
    Medium - Low: 119℉
    Medium: 126℉
    Medium-High: 133℉
    High: 140℉

    Auto Shut-Off Timer

    2 hours

    Cord Length

    9 ft

    Model / UPC

    PEHPAD24-G / 853975005644
    PEHPAD24-B / 853975005606
    PEHPAD24-ZG / 817387025812

    What’s in the Box

    Heating pad, detachable LCD controller, storage bag, user manual