PureDry™ Deluxe Dehumidifier

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Eliminate damp air in your home or office with the PureDry Deluxe Dehumidifier from Pure Enrichment®. The unit's sleek, portable design is the perfect size to keep your basements, bathrooms, closets, and other mid to large-sized rooms free from excess moisture year-round. Use regularly to maintain comfortable humidity levels and to keep your home free from irritating allergens.

  • DEHUMIDIFER WITH REMOVABLE WATER TANK: Easily keep track of the water level with this medium-sized dehumidifier that extracts moisture from the air with a transparent water tank, eliminating irritants and freshening your home 
  • IDEAL FOR MID-SIZED AREAS: Compact humidifier design features a 1.5 liter tank to safely remove moisture from the air in small to medium-sized spaces, like bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, small basements, closets, RV’s, safes, or laundry rooms.
  • EFFICIENT FEATURES: Choose from high and low-speed settings to extract up to 20 oz of water from the air per day. You can conserve energy with the optional 4 or 8-hour timer settings or use it continuously. This safe dehumidifier automatically shuts off when the water tank is full to prevent overflowing.
  • PROTECT YOUR HOME: Preserve your furniture, antiques, art, and more from damp humidity that can cause severe damage in addition to bad odors.
  • WHAT YOU GET: Dehumidifier, AC power adapter, user manual, and Pure Enrichment’s guaranteed 5-Year Warranty. Our customer support team provides daily quality service and peace of mind to millions worldwide all from a brand you can trust.

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