PureSteam™ Gloves Heat-Resistant Ironing Mitts

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PureSteam Gloves from Pure Enrichment protect your hands and wrists when steaming clothes, drapery, upholstery, and more. The gloves work with any garment steamer or steam cleaner to provide protection from hot steam and water.

Made with a waterproof and insulated material that comfortably bends with your hand, PureSteam Gloves offer great protection for most household tasks involving temperatures up to 100 degrees. The gloves are easy to clean too! Simply wipe them down with a dampened cloth and wipe dry.

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    Product Features

    Product Features

    100℉ Heat Protection

    Protects hands and wrists from hot steam, water, and other heated elements when steam ironing and steam cleaning.

    Light & Comfortable Fit

    Won’t fatigue your hands thanks to the lightweight material, which weighs just 2 ounces.

    Waterproof Design

    Prevents hot water and steam from penetrating through the fabric, keeping you safe from scalds and burns.

    Flexible Fabric

    Insulated material naturally bends with your hands so you can easily handle items – it also wipes clean with only a damp cloth.

    Product Specifications

    Dimensions & Weight

    9" x 5.5" / 2 oz

    Model No. / UPC

    PESTMGLV / 817387020831

    What's in the Box

    2 Gloves